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Welcome! I’m Stephenie Zamora, author of Awesome Life Tips® and creator of Your Passion-Based Business™ where I help turn passionate individuals (just like you!) into profitable entrepreneurs who are living life fully aligned and fully expressed.

My philosophy is simple: individuals who take ownership for creating the lives and businesses they desire are happier, healthier, and have a greater impact than those who don’t. Personal responsibility has been a huge part of my work in the world, and I truly believe that the ultimate form of personal responsibility is full alignment and full expression of self.

What I mean by this is, you were put here for a reason, with your exact personality, skills, passions, and point of view. You’re meant to do very unique work in this world (i.e. “live your purpose”). Now, I know that “purpose” can be a very frustrating word for some, because it seems ever elusive and impossible to find. However, simply put, purpose boils down to:

Show up and be you.
Do what you feel called to do.
Follow your passions and leave your mark.

And there’s another potentially frustrating word, right? Passion.

But just the same as purpose, passion is actually very simple. It’s about following what truly lights you up at your core, what makes you come alive, and what lights your soul on fire.

My personal path to finding my purpose and building a passion-based business was a long, challenging, and tear-filled journey.

It all began a few months before my 21st birthday.

I had just graduated from college at the top of my class, had an amazing job at a local graphic design firm in downtown Denver, and was living in the brand new townhouse I’d bought just months earlier with my high school sweetheart of almost seven years… I even had a shiny little car in my own name parked in the garage.

I was doing everything right for my age, and honestly, a lot better than my peers. People were proud of me and the life/career I had created… But despite outward appearances — despite having everything I set out to achieve far earlier than most people dream of — I was absolutely, undeniably miserable.

I knew the guy I shared a home with was not “the one.” I was finding that the great job, despite excellent pay and amazing projects, didn’t make me happy. I felt financially trapped by the house, the car, and the “perfect little life” I had created… I basically felt like nothing in my life was right, deeply unfulfilled and isolated, and with absolutely no clue what to do about it.

I tried resolving the growing discomfort with several new jobs, all ridiculously fabulous with increased salary and clout. I ended my relationship, jumped into a new one, and threw myself into a whirlwind of painful changes and serious stress.

But no matter what I did, something deep inside me just wasn’t having any of it.

Two years after this intense period began, I awoke on my birthday more miserable and depressed than ever. I had gained weight, lost all sense of myself, and had zero passion for anything in life. I was still in a job that didn’t fulfill me, with a man that wasn’t the right fit, and living a life that made me feel trapped, miserable, and incredibly exhausted.

I moved to Hawaii, took a job doing data entry while struggling to start two different businesses, read more self help books than I can count, and continued flailing around trying to “find myself” and my “calling”. No matter what I tried, happiness, passion, joy, and fulfillment continued to elude me. Instead, I found myself struggling so hard financially that at one point I was three months behind on all my bills (which, if you’re wondering, is how long you have before they shut your power off in Hawaii).

During this difficult period of my life, I truly believed I would never be happy, that I would never figure out what it was I was here to do, and that I would never contribute in a meaningful way. I started believing that I simply wasn’t built for a “passion-based life” and it just wasn’t in the cards for me. I thought things would always be a struggle and that life would pass by right before my eyes with absolutely no say on my part.

Yet, here I am, over a decade from when I began, happier, more fulfilled, and more aligned than I’ve ever been… doing meaningful work that absolutely lights my soul on fire.

I live just outside of Boulder, CO with the most soulful and amazing man I could ever have asked for. I travel all the time, play in nature near daily, and am surrounded by the most phenomenal and supportive friends and mentors a girl could ask for. I run a business that combines all my unique passions, skills, talents, and interests and get to work with the most amazing people in the whole world. I love my life, and the best part is that I get paid to do what I love and show up fully expressed in everything I do… AND I have the freedom of time and choice to pursue the other activities and relationships that make my heart happy.

How I did it is simple: I finally connected to myself and my truth on a deep, soul level, began listening to and heeding my inner wisdom and divine guidance system (aka intuition), and started actively working to create full alignment in everything I did.

That’s it.

There are no gimmicks or secret formulas or snazzy tricks here. The moment I connected to myself and source and began trusting myself above everything and everyone else is the moment that my business and my life truly began to take shape in a beautiful way. When I stopped listening to what everyone said I should be doing… when I stopped doing what I thought was expected of me… when I stopped following blueprints and reading about a million and one contradictory strategies and tactics… when I stepped away from the noise, got quiet, and started turning inward with intention and full surrender.

Trusting myself and connecting to my intuition has been everything, and I teach my clients intuitive branding, marketing, business building, and copywriting so they can do the same.

Whatever your passions are in this life, I believe you can build a profitable and fulfilling passion-based business on your own terms, without generic blueprints or old-school rules for success. The more you honor what’s true and aligned for you, the more success you’ll experience.

I believe no matter how crazy, big, ridiculous, or unheard of your idea is, there’s a business model just for you, and an authentic marketing strategy that will connect you with the people who want exactly what you’re offering.

I believe whatever your beautiful dream is, you’re already equipped with everything you need to bring it to life… you just need the right tools, guidance, plans, and strategies to make it happen with ease, in a way that’s fully aligned for you.

I believe the world needs the words, works, services, products, and gifts only you can create… regardless of who else is already talking about it, or what other similar offerings and conversations already exist. We need you, my friend, in all your unique, amazing glory.

I believe that no matter your age, background, gender, experience (or lack thereof), you have everything you need to create the freedom-based lifestyle you so deeply desire.

I believe all this because I’ve not only seen hundreds of different people make money in a business built around their unique passions, I’ve helped them create it.

Time and time again, with ease and joy.

Since 2010, I’ve had the honor of supporting amazing individuals like you in building profitable online businesses around their passions and purpose. Many started with just an inkling of what things light them up, and absolutely no clue where to even begin building something worthwhile, profitable, fulfilling, or marketable.

Having worked with so many unique clients and ideas, I’ve perfected the process of turning passionate individuals into profitable entrepreneurs. Because this process works so well, I’ve packaged it in an easy to follow, 12-week program to help you do the same.

You may be wondering, what’s the different between a blueprint and a process?

Great question, I’ll tell you.

A blueprint is a “do as I did” map to create a business that’s usually based around what worked for one single person… a person who’s now packaged that “worked for me” map into a program or ebook or expensive-something, completely disregarding the fact that it won’t work for everyone. Just because something works for me or someone else, does not mean it will work for you. In fact, it could compeltely derail your efforts, marketing, and branding! Blueprints serve no one but the person selling them.

A process is facilitated. What this means is that we will walk through a proven series of actions that allow you to uncover the truth of who you are, the work you’re here to do, and the best strategies, offerings, audience, and branding for you. Not for me. Not for any of my other clients. Not for anyone else. Just. You.

The truth is, you don’t need anything outside of you to build your passion-based business… you already have everything you need, I promise. That is why I simply facilitate the process of bringing that clarity, insight, expertise, passion, and focus to the surface… quickly and easily!

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